i want to buy a condo

i want to buy a condo

Before you commit to owning a home, consider factors like maintenance fees and proximity to neighbors.

Dad left me the condo under his will, and I want to sell it because I need the money. You have several options. You could offer to buy him out of his half, or he could buy you out of your half.

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Don’t settle for anything less than your ideal condo. Make sure the level of maintenance meets your standards. You might not agree with what the condo association considers well-maintained. If the golf course is a big reason you want to buy there, play a round or two to see if it matches your game and is as well cared for as you would expect.

HOAs have more power than you would think. Thus, before you consider buying a condo for investment, you need to be familiar with the HOA’s rules in the community you want to be a part of. As a real estate investor, you want to assure that the condo you’re buying can, in fact, be rented.

The biggest factor in determining how much money you need to buy a condo is the location. Condos in downtown los angeles, for example, have a median price of $620,000. This means half of all condos are less than $620,000 and half cost more. Condos in the Cleveland, Ohio, area have an average price of $168,544.

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 · Answer 1 of 4: I’m looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom condo in an upscale area. Can someone give me an idea how much this would cost in USD? Yes I know the risks are there and this could be considered a very I’ll formed idea.

I live in a condominium association and the topic of condo deconversions is periodically discussed. the years and now I.

Before buying your condo, you should request and read the documents that apply to the management of the complex.. If you want to relax at the beach but cringe at the thought of buying a pricey.

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The Condo Down Payment: How Much to Put Down? When considering how much you can afford to pay for a condo, the down payment often looms large. And for good reason: it’s a lot of money. But what precisely is a down payment? And how much of one should you make?

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